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The origin of our products

Origine des produits Vintsini

We have been passionate about essential oils for over 35 years. It was at the end of the 80s that we discovered essential oils coming exclusively from Quebec. So fascinated and impressed by the energy and therapeutic use of these oils, we persued further studies and research on essential oils coming from this area. At the end of 2004, our passion for them has brought us to open our own business of producing artisanal essential oils of Quebec. We came up with the name of our company by combining our last names together, Vincent and Tomassini, thus Vintsini was born.

What distinguishes us from the others is our small batch distillation, done in an artisanal way. We use small batches of wild crafted plant matter, using the steam distillation method as traditionally used. The steam causes the aromatic volatile oils held within the plant to be released.

Our mission first and foremost is to produce 100% pure, unadulterated, artisanal essential oils. Our secret ingredient is our intention, which comes straight from the heart, and is also part of every batch.

Huiles essentielles pure et naturelles à 100% du Québec

The purity of nature
in a bottle ! Pure and natural oils of Quebec.

Essential oils are light bearers that act
on the body, soul and spirit.

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