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Larch Tamarack

Larix laricina

Essential oil

Larch Tamarack, Larix laricina | Essential oil Vintsini

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Tamarack is present in all provinces and territories of Canada. It is found abundantly in the northern Quebec. Larch is part of the conifer family. It is unique because it is the only conifer to lose his needles in the fall to be replaced in the spring. He loves the cold and wet lands and other peat lands. He lives up to 150 years and measure up to 23 meters high.

The essential oil of tamarack has a fresh scent of conifer with a touch of rose flower.

Larch Tamarack essential oil properties

  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-infective (pneumonia) ++
  • Neurotonic (recharge providing a relaxed state and action on the cerebellum) +++

The essential oil of larch tamarack has remarkable therapeutic properties neurologically. Its direct action on the cerebellum allows charging of the nervous system thus eliminating nervous fatigue. It maintains and protects the balance of energy and promotes relaxation. It is recommended for depression and provides support during the transition period. It has a beneficial effect on memory and concentration. Larch tamarack is renowned for its antiseptic and anti-infective properties (pneumococcal). It is recommended to combat bronchitis and pneumonia. This oil is known for its therapeutic properties in the urinary system.

Energy and emotional Action:

Larch tamarack’s essential oil stimulates creativity by working on the right brain hemisphere. It protects and maintains the energy balance and helps connect the conscious to the subconscious. It creates a balance between the physical, etheric, astral and mental. The energy action of the essential oil tamarack closely resembles hemlock. Combined, they create a perfect synergy.

Tamarack essential oil is particularly recommended for:

  • Nervous fatigue +++
  • Neurotonic +++
  • Bronchitis ++
  • Bone Dystrophy
  • Urinary tract infection ++
  • Pneumonia ++

Notes and notices

Essential oil of Quebec contains exceptional therapeutic properties and must be used conscientiously and with precaution. It is important always to consult the section “Counter-indication” contained in the majority of the books that cover aromatherapy.

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