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Canada goldenrod

Solidago canadensis

Essential oil

Canada goldenrod, Solidago canadensis | Essential oil Vintsini

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Goldenrod Canada is a native perennial plant that grows throughout North America. It is found especially in the woods, sandy fields, shoreline marine water and freshwater, forests and roadsides. Its stem is robust and its leaves are long and narrow with ribs. Hermaphrodites of goldenrod flowers are golden yellow color and are grouped into cone-shaped heads.

Goldenrod is renowned for its medicinal properties. It is used especially as a febrifuge, anti diarrhea, liver and other stimulant. This is one of the most common honey plants in Quebec. The goldenrod is the month of Augusts’ energy.

Essential oil of Goldenrod acts on all four of our body systems:

Circulatory and lymphatic system :

Heart, varicose veins, cellulite, rosacea. It increases the venous walls resistance, it is beneficial for endocarditis (arterial valves inflammation), heart and the solar plexus, It is also excellent in case of arterial hypertension.Spleen, pancreas and stomach system: liver and kidneys drainage, lymphatic drainage.

Anti-inflammatory :

Powerful but gentle on sensitive skin, helps the pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium, the membrane surrounding the heart, usually caused by a heart attack), and vascular generator.

Nervous system :

Calms heart anguish, excellent to help against nervousness (State of nerve hypersensitivity poorly defined by mental and physical restlessness) and insomnia.

Energy and emotional Action :

The essential oil of goldenrod encourages the opening of coronal chakra. It helps to heal the emotional wounds of the heart. It is recommended that a meditation using the following essential oils: Apply two drops of goldenrod at the brow chakra and two drops to the heart chakra, two drops of hemlock on the solar plexus and two drops of Western Thuja and two drops of balsam fir underfoot.

Notes and notices

Essential oil of Quebec contains exceptional therapeutic properties and must be used conscientiously and with precaution. It is important always to consult the section “Counter-indication” contained in the majority of the books that cover aromatherapy.

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