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Eastern hemlock

Tsuga canadensis

Essential oil

Eastern hemlock, Tsuga canadensis | Essential oil Vintsini

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There are several hemlock species. Originating from North America, the Canadian Hemlock is the only native one in the East of the country. Hemlock is the least cold tolerant conifer. It enjoys shade and prefers cool and moist environments. The hemlock essential oil has a fresh, penetrating and soothing smell.

Eastern hemlock essential oil properties

  • Nerves stabilizing +++
  • Strengthens and protects the energy system +++
  • Vasoconstrictor (rosacea, hemorrhoids) ++
  • Infection and immunostimulant ++

The Hemlock essential oil possess multiple virtues at both psychological and therapeutic levels.

It stimulates the imagination and inspiration while stabilizing the nervous system. Its subtle action helps us in a transition period. It relieves headaches and migraines (apply one drop on each temple and massage into the scalp). It enhances and protects the energy system. Hemlock EO helps us to by let go by dissipating anxiety and fear (very effective for people who are afraid to fly). It is highly recommended in case of depression. For people with insomnia, a few drops of hemlock EO on the solar plexus, wrists or in micro-diffusion help for a better sleep. Hemlock essential oil helps with the focus and gather energies (very efficient in intellectual efforts).

Some hospital use this oil to help soothe people who are dying and those who have trouble letting go of fear or anxiety. (apply a few drops on chest or feet).

Emotional and Energetic action :

Eastern Hemlock essential oil harmonizes the, ethereal, astral, mental and the physical body +++. For hygiene properties, apply a drop of hemlock EO on all chakras.

Notes and notices

Essential oil of Quebec contains exceptional therapeutic properties and must be used conscientiously and with precaution. It is important always to consult the section “Counter-indication” contained in the majority of the books that cover aromatherapy.

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