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Balsam Fir Tree

Abies balsamea

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Balsam Fir Tree, Abies balsamea | Essential oil Vintsini

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Balsam Fir is native of North America and it is most densely populated in northern Quebec. It likes very cold climates and prefers well drained, humid soil but can adjust to most climates. Balsam fir is the most vigorous of all conifers and so it is no surprise that we call it the king of the forest. The soft and pleasant fragrance of this essential oil suggests leisurely walking in the backcountry.

Recent studies from the University of Chicoutimi in Quebec have confirmed that the essential oil of balsam fir helps fight cancer. Scientists validate that this oil destroys cancer cells without affecting the healthy ones.

Properties of Balsam Fir essential oil

  • Antidepressant
  • Antiseptic ++
  • Antiparasitic ++
  • Antispasmodic ++
  • Antiarthritic ++
  • Anti-inflammatory ++
  • Tonic
  • General stimulant

Diffusion :

Balsam Fir purifies the air and destroys microbes that cause the common cold, bronchitis, inflammation of the sinuses, mucous membranes and other pulmonary infections. It clears the respiratory tract, and helps to protect the lungs against pollution and assists with relaxation and well being. Balsam fir essential oil helps to secrete serotonin and brings good humour.

Massage :

Can relieve muscle aches, spasms and pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. It can also heal insect bites. Furthermore, this oil contains analgesic properties as well as being a laxative.

Emotional and Energetic Use:

Balsam Fir essential oil wraps us in its light and warmth which bring us great comfort. It can free us from insecure feelings and loneliness and can bring us to the path of truth. When used in diffusion, it can open up the base chakra to allow its beautiful light to penetrate us. Balsam Fir can also alter the sense of worthlessness into feeling dignified and valued. This oil is known for its unconditional love.

Notes and notices

Essential oil of Quebec contains exceptional therapeutic properties and must be used conscientiously and with precaution. It is important always to consult the section “Counter-indication” contained in the majority of the books that cover aromatherapy.

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